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Sonny Moyers, Managing Partner of the O'Dea Moyers Group, has extensive experience in working with clients who need help with their marketing and sales plans in real estate.  

Sonny can asisst you with:

  • Your Buisness Model
  • Marketing Plan for Real Estate
  • The Collaboration Hub
  • Strategies & Tactics in Real Estate  

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Sonny has a Master of Science Degree in Psychology with an emphasis on Organizational Design, Research Methods, and Human Behavioral Theory.  He is capable of looking at your organization and the way your work today versus the way you have worked in the past.  

The people you meet with today are very different than the prospets and clients of the past.  

Let Sonny meet with you to evaluate the best way for your organization to work based upon the macro changes that are going on in the world.  

Why not explore all the options for operating in the future before you make changes in your space or organization.

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